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Welcome to SaiGill LLC. SaiGill is a dynamic, professionally competent IT company based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. It provides IT services as web design, web development and project management. We are committed to work closely with clients to gain an understanding of their environment and ascertain the technology needed to quickly gain competitive advantage. Client satisfaction and project status is continually monitored to ensure timely and comprehensive delivery.

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Environmental Toxic Inventory Management Suite (ETIS) Customer Processes Management Suite (SCPM)

ETI Suite is an All-in-One Software that combines the tools of both SDS Management and Environmental Regulatory Reporting. ETI Suite offers a solution that provides a single, centralized database to store all of the material and chemical compliance data for your organization. It provides a consolidated platform for SDS management, chemical inventory tracking as well as regulatory list data and environmental reporting.

ETI Suite – Features
  • Author, create, and manage GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • GHS compliance SDS authoring with PDF SDS output or enter minimum information from Manufacturer SDS and attach SDS document
  • Powerful SDS Search (manufacturer’s name, product name, generic name, ingredient, CAS #, facility, etc.)
  • Inventory management- Manual and file imports
  • Hazard Ratings, Workplace Labels and Documents management
  • Master Data Lists (Measuring Units, VOC units, VOC Control File, HAP Control File, Location Type, Category Type, Synonyms, etc.)
  • Labels and Statement Phrases database
  • Create GHS compliant Labels
  • Customer is in-charge of application access to users.
  • On premise or web hosted
  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance - automatically write SARA section 302, 311 and 312 reports, quickly identify materials containing SARA section 313
  • PA HSS, EHS List (302), Spill Report (304)
  • EH & S – Assign e-mail reminders regarding tasks and upload and associate documents, permits, files or web links to your tasks for quick reference.
  • Clean Air Report (VOC Information, VOC Emission, HAP, CAAR112)
  • State specific and federal reports
  • Inventory Usage and Summary Report
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
  • Web-based application allows 24/7 access
  • Secure (256 EAS encryption for sensitive information)
  • Data ownership (Customer owns data and application)
  • And more!

SCPM manage and optimize customers and payroll data. SCPM is user friendly, easy-to-use, secure, and efficient Customer Processes Management (CPM) software. SCPM streamlines customer business processes, provides flexible payroll options per job by employee, flexible Incentive options by employee. Productivity and complete management visibility through advance reporting, Master Schedule, Document management. Some of the other benefits are: IT cost saving, Process standardization, Catalyst for business innovation.

SCPM Suite – Features
  • Manage customers and their contacts
  • Manage sales leads
  • Prepare job estimation
  • Prepare proposals
  • Manage customer jobs/ projects
  • Manage customer purchase orders
  • Manage shipping information and ship tickets/ job tickets
  • Manage customer invoices
  • Interface with proprietary Finance systems
  • Interface with proprietary payroll systems
  • Flexibility to pay differently for same job
  • Flexibility to pay incentives differently for same job
  • Employee Productivity and robust auditing, validation reporting for all levels
  • Document management
  • Email documents /invoices/ship ticket to customers
  • Operations and management reporting
  • Secure (256 EAS encryption for sensitive information)
  • Flexible and customizable based on customer needs
  • Customer is in-charge of application access to users
  • On premise or web hosted

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