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Who Are We?

Vimla Sai, established SaiGill in 2011 with a vision to build a business that would provide best quality software solution and services. With more than 19 years of experience in the IT industry, Vimla’s focus at SaiGill is on technical direction, strategic planning, and innovative design 

Vimla is a recognized industry expert on software innovation, who has a passion for technologies such as AJAX, .NET, Databases, ERP. Prior to SaiGill, she held IT Project Manager position at BeneCard, Architect, Supervisor and Consultant positions at Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Team Lead , Senior Developer at Volvo CE and Ingersoll-Rand. Her extensive long career allowed her to work for both private and public sector, handling projects as a senior project manager, application developer, database design, web and Enterprise architect, ERP Implementation Lead. She is a certified project management professional (PMP), and received her master’s degree in computer application from University in India.

Vimla has been providing good quality services in IT and software consulting to many of her clients. The services provided to clients are very cost-effective, intuitive and user friendly. A hallmark of her success is cultivating long-term partnering relationships with all parties, in a business engagement.

SaiGill is a full-service information technology firm.


Our mission is to apply innovative technology to transform data into knowledge, so that people can make better decisions. It is SaiGill's mission to provide "solutions that ensure customer success through the application of innovative technology."

Our Values

We at SaiGill, individually and collectively, believe in supporting our team, our company, our clients and our community. We recognize that, above all, people matter and we aim to personify the ideals of integrity, excellence and empowerment while embracing a changing world.

Our vision is to be globally recognized as the first name in bringing clarity to information.