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Let us take your business to the next level with IT services and technology solutions. SaiGill in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, provides a variety of IT services. Learn more about the details of these services, and contact us for a consultation. IT Consulting Services, We offer a combined collection of experience and technology to our customers. We specialize in small business IT consulting services at very affordable rates. We offer the complete package to meet the needs of your small business.

Web Design and Development

Our skilled team works with the business owners toward development of content and management. We design, build, implement and support websites and web applications. We take your business and customize a database to fit your everyday Internet needs. Our products are developed around what you need, and come with complete support and implementation.

Database Administration

Our skilled team design and perform all the database administration activities including performance and tunning.


We can provide you technical support needed for your IT Systems. As to rely on computer system in all areas of your operations and decision-making processes, it is crucial to ensure the correct running and maintenance of the IT systems. SaiGill is the answer.

Project Management

Our Experienced project managers work with clients to ensure qualitative and effective project management. Our Project management team possess management skills such as natural command authority, quick shifting abilities, frequent set, observe and re-evaluate project priorities, listen to stakeholders, adhere to predictable communication schedules, domain specific expertise in project management, conflict resolution.

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